Roadtrip with an RV

I can assure you that I've said this to my family at least 25 times in the past 5 years.  

"I want to go on an RV trip!"

I do.  But I want to do more than that.  I want to experience what it's like to take my kids camping.  I don't think my husband has camped a day in his life.  It's not his thing.  (Sadly, if it doesn't have intense air conditioning and ESPN, I don't have a chance to ever get him in the woods!)  Well, maybe.  Maybe there is a chance that camping can come to fruition with an RV, right?  That's air conditioning and TV! lol

Some of my fondest childhood memories are when my grandparents would take my cousins and I camping in their RV.  We actually called it a 'camper' when I was little but they had this crazy awesome 'camper' that was like living in a mansion with all the bells and whistles!  I use to always sleep on the table that my grandma made into a bed.  Crab Orchard or Rend Lake in southern Illinois were the hot spots for us.  Crab Orchard Lake, in Carbondale, Illinois was where we spent many of hot, muggy, midwest nights.  Oh gramps.  Wish you were still always made that experience so fun. 

Here I am as an adult, I try to live in the moment more.  Turn things off and focus on being present with my kids. My kids are my life.  They are the one constant positive in my life that helps keep me grounded.  Maybe I plan a little trip JUST with my kids in an RV.  Whoa.  How would that work?  It's a must plan for that bucket list. 

As a partner with Scholastic I always love how they weave such fun stories into their website.  And their partnership with Go RVing is one of my favorite yet!  Find great stories on family travel by road in a fab RV!  From carsickness tips to hitting the beaches on a bargain, you're sure to find all your answered questions about traveling in an RV. 

Do yourself a HUGE favor and enter the Go RVing What's Your Away Sweepstakes Contest!  There you have a chance to share what your family's ideal AWAY is for a chance to win a trip of your choice and an RV rental to get you there!  

What is your ultimate road trip idea?  Is it traveling the PCH in California?  Hiking? The beach?  Heck, you can even drive that baby into the city for some urban RV fun!

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Putting the TMI in Motherhood with #RealMomProblems from funny & fantastic to everything in between! Joey Fortman has been seen on Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends and more!

Dad Diaries: The Biggest Thing to Ever Happen

EDITORS NOTE:  THIS IS 'CUZ' NOT THE HUBBY! LOL Yes, someone asked.  Eh. No. But he rocks!

EDITORS NOTE:  THIS IS 'CUZ' NOT THE HUBBY! LOL Yes, someone asked.  Eh. No. But he rocks!

This June we will have been in Philly for 8 years.  I can't even believe it.  That's a VERY long time for this radio girl who has traveled the country in the business before settling here.  But truth be told, Philly was all my husband's idea when he got offered a job after his job moved to LA.  

I had never been to Philly until the day we drove in to this place.  Fast forward to a very tough first 5 years both personally & professionally.  As many of my dear friends and longtime readers know... I use to the be the 'talented' one. lol I was on the air after Boston was born doing afternoons on HOT AC, my DREAM job at Now 97.5.  But... in the back of my mind I always knew that this city was a rock & sports town & there was always the radio chance of a format flip.  Well... I wasn't expecting it only 3 months into my own show...

Nor did I expect the way that it would go down.  Finding out on Facebook while I was on the air at 4:30p in the afternoon that I was losing my job.  TO MY HUSBAND.  Yeah.  That was probably the worst weekend of my married life.  It was a lot of personal heartbreak because I had no idea it was coming.  I felt like the biggest loser after everyone hit the studio asking me if they were losing their jobs when in fact - it was the very first I had ever heard of it.  I felt blindsighted.

My husband who had this tiny - stinky - locker room - smelling - hole in the wall AM station that he moved into and took it all the way to being the FIRST FM sports station in Philly.  And any normal wife would have celebrated to high heaven for their husband because that is one heck of an accomplishment. 

Truth be told.... it was the ultimate test of our marriage.  Because personally.... I was livid.  Humiliated.  Mortified.  Professionally - it was horrific to be the center of media gossip columns.  It proved true to me when my general manager at Better Philly, the TV show I hosted on WPHL, told me that 'I was the talk of the station for a good month' because everyone knew we were married &  everyone had the 'what would you do?' conversation.  


You husband had to sign a confidentiality agreement and if he told me and it got out - we'd both be out of a job.  And I believe wholeheartedly it wasn't suppose to go down that way...some jackmunch from national ESPN wanted to be 'first' and leaked the news - therefore all hell broke loose.

Yeah.  It was a bizarre merge of my professional & personal life.  Brutal AND Bizarre.  Honestly, when big things happen like that - it is the nature of the business.  But that didn't help my heart from breaking over it at the time.

It took me years to realize & understand that he never intentionally meant to hurt me.  Oi.  By the grace of GOD we've moved forward from that awful experience. (Although... there were moments when I let resentment get the best of me.  Especially in the beginning when it happened.)  But as each day passes the healing moves forward.

Yes. I did spend a few years after that in the gutter.  But the light at the end of the tunnel happened when I made the decision to forgive him.  And to move forward for MYSELF.  

The past few years has been great.  And by the Grace of God we've learned and grown, survived & thrived.  He did his thing and I did mine.  And we supported each other in ways that rebuilt our relationship.  That's what marriage is all about isn't it?

So, I share the past with you so that I can celebrate the future.  

We have an ongoing joke in our house where he comes home and says 'but honey, you don't understand - this is the biggest thing to ever happen to the radio station'!  He's use that excuse often till finally I told him - he can't use that excuse anymore because he sounds like the 'boy who cried wolf'.

And today - I'm going to PROUDLY allow him to relish in his accomplishments.  One that he TRULY deserves.  

I'm a competitive person.  (That has a lot to do with my radio years - that old school crosstown rivalry was awesome!!)  And as I watch my husband always take the high road - it's so great to see this come to fruition for him.  He brought in a guy that he'd been going out to dinners with for years!!  He loves 'CUZ'! 

Today, this non-sports fan is her husband's BIGGEST FAN.  Anthony Gargano starts the first morning show in 97.5 The Fanatic history.  As a former morning radio host - having a morning show is the anchor to the rest of the day. Live & Local is a program director dream team.  

So, my dearest Matty.  Even though you've been so cordial about this & the magnitude of having Gargano on your station - I'm going to say it for you.

This is the BIGGEST thing to ever happen to your radio station.  

And a bittersweet long time coming.  I'm so proud of your professionalism.  Your desire to WIN.  Your dedication & your leadership has been the anchor of success to that station.  I admire you. To think of what you accomplished in the short time that we've been here is monumental.  As I watch from the wings how the 'other' station acts worse than 2nd graders - I love and admire how you act and not RE-act.  

You're a classy dude.  And our boys are so very lucky to have a role model like you in their life.  

May this be the biggest & best year for you yet.  Cause heaven knows you deserve it. 

Love,  your biggest fans

PS:  Does this event constitute handbag worthy? hahah  Ok, I just got a new car a week ago.  That's good enough.  =)





joey fortman

Putting the TMI in Motherhood with #RealMomProblems from funny & fantastic to everything in between! Joey Fortman has been seen on Today Show, Good Morning America, Fox & Friends and more!

#SaveKidsLives Call for Help

As a mom, there are often times I find myself wondering 'What did they do when they had kids' talking about my own parents.  Or even, 'We didn't have that when I was a kid!'  One that sticks out the most was when I was a new mom for the first time with Boston and it was before I got the opportunity to review amazing baby products with this blog.  So, here I was - pregnant and had no clue on what kind of car seat to get.  All I knew was that they were EXPENSIVE!  And the more expensive they were - they safer they were was my key thinking.  Pretty logical, right?  I remember my mom saying that when she had kids there wasn't any child restraints. 

Fast forward to today - and they are in lockdown in the back seat.  It's not perfect but there really are some amazing changes in modern technology that has afforded me some amazing car seats.  Not to mention, I live in the US where it's ILLEGAL to not put your kids in one.  Even then, statistics show that more than 500 kids die a DAY in traffic accidents.  That's over 180,000 kids a year.  That's just TOO MUCH!  

In the United States we keep taking proper measures to ensure safety of our kids.  But not every country has the standards we have (that even then aren't 100% perfected.)  The UN Global Road Safety Week is coming up and lawmakers are getting together with hopes of making road safety better for kids globally.  Road traffic injuries are the leading cause of children ages 5-19.  You know what that tells me?  One, it's not the ones that are strapped in tight (babies, toddlers) - it's the kids that grow out of their seats that are in harms way.  Hmmmm.  

Do you know what percent of the world's population is covered by adequate laws that address behavioral risk factors?  ONLY 7%.  We're talking safety belts, child restraints, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, driving too fast, using cell phones & texting while driving. 

ONLY 7%!!

The only way we can change in the world is by taking action.  So this is definitely a great beginning in awareness of road safety with kids.  I encourage you to sit down with your own kids and talk about safety.  Sign the petition because we all know it's not the kids who are held responsible - it's the parents.  Educate your families on ways to be safe.  Create incentives for your kids to offer to YOU when they catch you on your cell phone!!  I know, I literally have countless times done that.  It makes me so mad at myself.  My brain is in another world and I'm texting with my kids in the car.  NOT ACCEPTABLE.  EVEN WHEN MY KIDS AREN'T IN THE CAR BECAUSE THERE ARE PEOPLE AROUND ME!!  It's something I'm trying to really focus on.  I got lazy over the past few years.  And being apart of this campaign has reminded me that there is no excuse.  It can all wait.  

Sign the petition yourself with your kids. Download and print out their safety sheet and take a "SAFIE" (selfie) with your kids and share on social media with the tag #SaveKidsLives.  Visit the Scholastic site with info for parents on how we can make a difference. 




This post is sponsored by Scholastic.  True stories & true experiences.  My kids lives matter - so do yours.  SIGN IT TODAY!

Mom's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is always something that comes with a grin for me.  I have to admit though... I had no clue that it would be bigger than my BIRTHDAY once I became one!!  Yeah.  I hold my husband to the fact that he better get it right for Mother's Day. haha.  I mean, I don't care if he even forgets my birthday or anniversary - but Mother's Day?  lt better be good. lol 

No, just kidding.  I'm not that bad.  But I know growing up my mom was never a fan of housecoats and socks so I scoured the Motherly Earth to find some of the best of the best ideas for Mom's Day Gifting!  For ALL moms.  Even Dog Moms. 

Be sure to comment & tell me what the best gift you ever gotten for Mother's Day!  Enjoy!


This is such a very cool brand!  They shipped me a Gluten Free box and a regular box.  I love that the subscription is affordable AND good stuff comes along.  I personally think this is a great gift for moms, dads, grandparents - everyone!

Personally, I loved both boxes!  REALMOM10 good for $10 off any gift subscription (3, 6 or 12 months) when entered at checkout after visiting Love With Food here.




Look.  Being a new mom is freaking tough.  And any new mom that tells you that it's a breeze is totally full of it.  ha. For me, the thought of a clunky, annoying, in the way diaper bag was not happening.  I tried.  I REALLY tried.  I even had designer bags to try. Didn't work.  But this backpack is fabulous!!  Mainly because it's a BACKPACK and not a big slouchy dirty-diaper-carrier.  Skip Hop is a very loved brand in our house.




This past October I was invited to speak at Social Media on the Sand.  It really was a life highlight to visit a dream destination like Turks & Caicos!  I'm so going back (if they'll have me of course) and I can assure you (as long as my kid don't step on them lol) I'll be wearing my Ted Baker glasses from Iristocracy loud and proud!  I've never 'treated' myself to designer sunglasses because let's just face it.  I am not the most reliable person in the world when it comes to keeping up with my stuff.  But so far so good! ha.  They are a gorgeous color and given to us at the conference from the amazing ladies at Iristocracy.  So yes, it was a gift - but I an assure you you're fashionable mom receiver would LOVE something from this site!


Over the years I've tried to find cool things for my own mom and one of the themes I continue to go back to is the 'tell me something I don't know about yourself' piece.  I just love how you can capture great stories in a good old fashioned book like this one.

Have you ever wondered what your mom was like when she was a kid?  How she met your dad?

Pick up this book on Amazon and she'll get it just in time!


I I wasn't too sure about getting random funky socks in the mail - but can I tell you every time I put them on I smile?  Totally!  I have always been a just white wearing sock person - but thank you Foot Cardigan for opening my eyes to the positive possibilities!  haha

#RealMomTravels Spring Break Rainy Day Ideas on Fox 29

Hey all!  

Back from a fast trip to Cape May where I got to spend sometime with my favorite tv mom in my favorite mom getaway place!  We went to Cape May and Congress Hall.  

I went down on Sunday because the thought of driving to Cape May from Philly at 4am wasn't gonna cut it.  Not to mention - I don't need a big excuse to get out of town and head to my happy place!

Congress Hall and Cape Resorts Group has fantastic things to do with families for the holidays of course - but what about you who are stuck at home and we're getting rain? 

Got some GREAT ideas for you to do with the kids!


We love this brand for many reasons.  I'm obsessed with the subscription services.  Totally. lol But this was one that came across my review desk and I've loved it since meeting it!  My brick loving almost 7 year old loves it too.  Get a monthly subscription delivered to your door from Brickloot!


The Storybook Game from Ideal® is sure to be a hit at family game night! It’s a card game of tall-tale telling fun! In this memory game, children create a different story each time they play. The story develops one card at a time! This game is excellent for challenging kids’ creativity and improvisation skills! This fun card game comes in a lunch box tin, making it easy to transport to picnics, family game nights, camping trips, and more! Designed for 2 or more players, ages 4 and up!


Scaventure Kids™ brings the fun of exploring into one great big party game. Find out who can come back to home base with the most activities completed. Find a fossil rock, or a sticker or a banana. Scaventure Kids has it all, whether playing with just 2 kids or in a large group. The fun and excitement never ends and the creativity will always be rolling. This is a great game for kids ages 7 and up and is designed to be played with 2 or more players.


Make your own fun & colorful sidewalk chalk!  Yes, this is for FUN indoors... but you gotta MAKE the chalk inside, right?  The Airbrush T-shirt maker didn't make it into this segment - but it is awesome!  The Yarn Storming Maching is seriously a throwback for me!  I loved making those as a kid and Thames and Kosmos does a great job bringing it back around!


These are the new birds on the block with Little Live Pets!  I love the 'mom and baby bird feeding!  And yes, Alicia Silverstone did that with her kid.  Sorry - I HAD to bring that up! lol But the owl mama & baby are amazingly fun for kids of all ages.


This is the product that I wish I would have thought of myself!  Playtape by InRoad Toys is the perfect on the go/rainy day product out there!  Just rip off some tape, put it whereever and let your kids go to town!  Literally!


These are the HOTTEST shoes on the block!  The day that we got these in to test out the neighbor kids were sooo jealous!  The Game Kicks are the new interactive kids shoe by Skechers that doubles as an electronic memory game!  With over 68,000 combinations - your kids are SURE to have their brains full!  They come in both boy and girl