Back to School with Kids Headquarters

Ok people, we interrupt this daily activity with a minor freak out about back to school!

My son Boston is beyond painful when it comes to buying back to school clothes.  If it's not Under Armour or something Kevin Durant he's worse than a girl.  Sorry Boston...but #JustSayin.  A few weeks ago I got the distinct honor of heading to the WORLD HEADQUARTERS for Kids Headquarters!  What was so super cool about that was the fact that it was in the top of the Empire State Building.  And that I was apart of the whole process of how they market Tommy Hilfiger Kids, UNDER ARMOUR, Quiksilver, Dockers, IZOD and more.  

Now, I've never thought of myself as a 'fashionista' but don't my dudes look awesome? 

Be sure you get to know Kids Headquarters on all their social outlets.  It's been a total pleasure getting to know this brand and learning about the process of marketing the coolest kids clothes on the planet!   FacebookInstagram and Twitter


Disclosure:  I got some very cool stuff from Kids Headquarters when I was apart of their Back to School experience.  But all opinions are my kids & not my own. 

D23 Expo and Toy Story 4

Ok so I have to interrupt your life right now and share with you the amazing news straight out of D23 Expo in Anaheim, California!!  One of my blogging buddies did a BRILLIANT pic on Instagram of her trip to D23 Expo and it has totally gotten me seriously Disney curious!  @VeraSweeney from Lady and the Blog actually put a stormtrooper suit on and flagged a taxi as she was in her duds to head to Anaheim!  It was super fun to see her show her #DisneySide. 

I normally don't share these, but since this Disney get together is a BIG DEAL and many of you happen to come to me for my truth on Disney - then I gotta share my excitement for Toy Story 4!!!  I seriously can not even believe that Toy Story is doing the FOURTH movie.  That's just nuts.   

We have a VERY long time to wait.  Unfortunately.  But aren't you excited? I know I am!

Here's the official press release:


Pixar Animation Studios marks the 20th Anniversary of TOY STORY this year. Said Lasseter, "All the characters from ‘Toy Story’—especially Woody and Buzz—are so close to us. They seem more like family members than just creations. Not only do we dearly love the characters, but we also love the world of ‘Toy Story’—the world where toys come to life when people are not in the room has always been rich with many story possibilities."

Lasseter, who’s one of Pixar’s three founders, celebrated 20 years since TOY STORY transformed the animation industry and the art of storytelling. He welcomed to the stage iconic two-time Oscar®-winning songwriter and longtime Pixar collaborator Randy Newman, whose Pixar credits include “Toy Story,” “A Bug’s Life,” “Toy Story 2,” “Monsters, Inc.” and “Cars.”

Also joining in the celebration were TOY STORY 4 co-director Josh Cooley (“Cars 2,” “Ratatouille”) and Producer Galyn Susman (“Toy Story OF TERROR!”). Screenwriters Rashida Jones and Will McCormack (“Celeste & Jesse Forever”) joined Buzz, Woody and Bo Peep for the celebration. "I’m very proud of our films,” said Lasseter. “When we made the first three TOY STORY films, we didn’t realize what we had done was to change the genre of each of the films’ story. For TOY STORY 4, we are doing a type of story we have not done before: a love story. It’s a story about a relationship between Woody and Bo Peep. "

TOY STORY 4, which will be directed by Lasseter and produced by Susman, is slated for release on June 16, 2017.

TRUCKerton at #TuckertonSeaport

It's that time of year again!  

We're heading to Tuckerton Seaport for their annual Food Truck Fest.  Ya'll know how much I love this place.  I really really like the place, but I have to tell you the truth.  I LOVE the people who work there!  Brooke & her amazing Seaport Sisters? ha.  (Don't kill me Brooke for saying that!)  But Brooke and her work family are some of the kindest, caring-ist people I've ever met!  Seriously!  Brooke is always sending me something.  She's super sweet & I've absolutely loved working with her, Jackie, Dianne & the 'Tuckerton Team'.  

Ok, so now that I'm a total CHEESE BALL lemme tell you about the CHEESE BALLS at TRUCKerton!  Seriously. There is a food truck called Cow and the Curd and it is fried cheese curds!!  Can you believe it?  Making my mouth water now.  

Ahem.  Ok, so if you follow along with the hashtag on Saturday you can drool too.  But don't drool on your phone.  Cause that's not good.  At all. But if you are up for a fun feast then join us!  I'll be there with some of my blogging buddies popping the curds and drowning my sorrows in the velvet cake milkshakes?!?!?  Lawd.  This is going to be one heck of a day. lol 

See you at TRUCKerton!

Ricki and the Flash in Theaters

Why yes, I DID promise you my review of Ricki and the Flash!

The movie hits theaters Friday and there are so many great pieces about it. Personally, I feel like the biggest mom-message is the struggles in mother/daughter relationships.  Personally, I am a mom.  And I'm a daughter.  But I don't have a daughter.  So I can't say I understand the 'mom' point of view by Meryl Streep as a daughter - but I know as a mom there is just something to be said about the gender equality problem we have.  

In the movie, Ricki (played by Meryl Streep) and her daughter (played by Meryl's real life daughter Mami Gummer)  reunite when Ricki's daughter found out her husband cheats on her and she goes through a drastic depression from it.  Ricki goes home to her daughter to be a mom.  Turns out her brother gets married at the same time and Ricki ends up shining in the end. 

Doing movie reviews are always hard for me cause I don't want to take away too much from the ending - but this one is a classic family struggle that every family can related in some way.

I attended the junket last Sunday and got a chance to hear Rick Springfield PLAY!  Plus we interviewed Meryl & her daughter.   In the beginning I thought Mamie Gummer was SUPER shy.  After about a zillion questions to Meryl & Rick - I piped in with my question. 

What do you think is the one thing that Mamie told me that she taught Meryl? Tune in next week to find out!

joey fortman

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#RealMomsRock Ricki Randazzo

This past weekend I got a last minute random invite to attend a junket for a new movie called Ricki & the Flash!  I was actually in my hometown visiting with my family when I got the invite.  And for the 1st time in forever - I actually was invited to do something non-blogger bash related! lol It was something I LOVED to do when on air.  MOVIE JUNKETS!  And even though I said I was trying to SLOW DOWN (and yes, my husband made it TOTALLY clear to me that I was not slowing down yet! haha) I couldn't pass up the chance to meet Rick Springfield.  


Look, when a former jock who played plenty of Rick Springfield in her heyday gets the opportunity to head off to NYC to HANG with the ever so famous creator of JESSE'S GIRL - I'm IN!!  I was all over that opportunity.   One of my favorite things to do when I first got into the radio space was to do movie junkets!  I LOVED it. Chicago was the best.  I remember meeting Channing Tatum... Oh.. wait - focus Joey.  Back to Ricki! ha

Upon arrival to NYC I met up with a few of my favorite blogging buddies and we headed over to the Sony offices to catch the movie before we interviewed the stars. .  I can't really even begin to tell you what it felt like sitting in that theatre.  It was REALLY surreal.  I mean, think about how many movie stars sat in those seats?  I was nervous that I would get in trouble for taking pics or interrupting the movie!!  I know, right.  So silly.  But I didn't take a pic OF the screen.  Just one of me FACING the screen.  


We got treated to a lovely makeup experience along with some great treats before heading out to dinner.  I got my eyelashes put on - which I am officially obsessed with, thank you Kim Pirella my former NickMomCoHost!  The pic was before the lashes -------> But by the time I got done and we went to dinner at a BBQ joint, I forgot to take a pic!  Then eating BBQ?  All bets were off. ha.  Either way, it was super fun to hang out and get our makeup, lashes & hair done.  

Ricki & the Flash coming to theaters August 7th!  Check back for Minutes with Meryl & Motherhood.