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The Biggest Night of Play: #SweetSuite14

As of this posting, there are 147 days until Christmas.

Activate panic mode!

Okay, maybe not so much, but I am totally excited about Christmas this year. Because for the second time, I was given a sneak peak at all the hottest toys this season! Thanks to my co-hosts Charlene and Laurie, we brought Sweet Suite to the inaugural edition of Blogger Bash. Hundreds of bloggers were invited to play and chat with 51 of the hottest toy companies and their latest offerings.

Can you say 'ultimate sensory overload'? Willy Wonka's candy factory has nothing on Sweet Suite! And the best part is that I don't have to share any of these toys with my boys...yet.

I am always blown away by what the Big Toy Book offers at Sweet Suite and this year was no exception. So much creativity and fun with the kids and parents in mind! The evening started out with a Badge Creation Station where attendees got to show off their creativity and personalities by crafting their own name badge.


A variety of best and newest #Crayola products were on hand to inspire blogger creativity.


As we made our way into Sweet Suite, we were entertained by the amazing talent of the Kidz Bop kids. sweet-suite-8465_WEB

Don't let the word 'kids' fool you. Each of these tiny teens have powerhouse voices that will rival even the most seasoned pop star. Better yet - you can enjoy their music with your children without having to leap for the volume to avoid inappropriate lyrics. Who's up for some car karaoke?

Is your kid into gadgets? There's no shortage of high-tech fun this year. From devices that encourage learning, and movement, to play that will inspire the future engineers and scientists of the world Layout 2

Looking to spend less on batteries yet still inspire? Layout 2 copy

Perhaps your child is a little more traditional? Layout 2 copy 1

Or artistic?


And lets not forget to get outdoors for some fresh air! #5

Last but not least - because this is a night for the adults to come out and play - we had our sweets too. Attendees enjoyed a signature lemonhead martini while playing with all the cool toys. Nothing sour about that!

#4 copy

Thank you to all of our amazing sponsors. We can't wait to bring Sweet Suite back to Blogger Bash next year! I hope you'll join us for all the fun! 


Photo Credit: Janice Croze for Blogger Bash



Rockin' Lunch with Johnny Rockets

There is nothing that feels more special than being a VIP. We were excited to treat ALL of the Blogger Bash bloggers like royalty with the Rockin' Lunch with Johnny Rockets!

Known for their fantastic food and vintage vibe, Johnny Rockets was on hand with the perfect blogger picnic lunch. Bloggers could choose from an assortment of delectable sandwiches and salads (keeping it filling but light!) with all the fixin's!  

But this was a BLOGGER event. So of course Johnny Rockets made it interactive! Over lunch, bloggers could tweet their food pics as well as network with PR reps from top brands. Not to mention a Ketchup Artist! Yes, you head me right. A Ketchup Artist was on hand drawing some famous iconic New York images. 

We also learned about the upcoming opportunity to create your own Milk Shake flavor next month in honor of National Milk Shake Month! And let's be honest: it's not lunch with Johnny Rockets without an infamous Johnny Rockets milkshake! Bloggers capped off their lunch with a Johnny Rockets shake where they could mix-in their own toppings. YUM!

Is anyone still full from the fantastic Johnny Rockets lunch?

Photo Credit: Janice Croze for Blogger Bash


The Sweet Suite #BoxOfAwesome is Here! #BBNYC


Do you hear that?

THAT, my friends, is the amazing sound of the Sweet Suite Box of AWESOME being delievered to the great bloggers who attended Blogger Bash 2014!  That's right, over the past week, bloggers had one of the best deliveries of their YEAR!  The Sweet Suite Box of Awesome is not a misnomer - the contents are truly FANTASTIC!  The top toy brands compiled some of their latest and greatest products in that box!

Want a sneak peek of the Sweet Suite Box of Awesome? Check it out:



Did you receieve a Box of Awesome from Sweet Suite? What was your favorite item?


#EAEvents Blogger Bash Social Suite 2014

There were so many great events at Blogger Bash, and the #EAEvents Social Suite was no exception. Debbie Bookstaber, of Element Associates, pulled off an amazing party with great sponsors. Everyone who attended had a blast!

First, it's always great to get pampered, right ladies? CoverGirl was on hand to freshen us up after a long day. They provided manicures, pedicures and mini-makeovers!  After learning which colors worked best for their skin tone, bloggers got to go home with their own CoverGirl lip gloss!

After getting freshened up, it was time to get stylish. There was a lot of oohing and ahhing over the Joseph Nogucci jewelry bar. From their awesome leather wrap bracelets to their custom-made charm bracelets, there is something for everyone. Thanks to Joseph Nogucci for the super cute silver Paper Plane necklace (made popular by Harry Styles)!


Who says girls can't like cars? Not me!  And having Washdrops and Auto Tex Pink on hand was  a great treat. With many of us traveling a lot this summer, our cars are bound to get dirty. The award-winning Washdrop samples will be a nice GREEN way to clean off the grime. The Auto Tex Pink Wiper Blades help support the fight against breast cancer - which is a cause near to many of our hearts. 

Smokey the Bear is an iconic figure in America - and he turns 70 this year! He was on hand for pictures (which bloggers loved!) and treated us all to some birthday cake. We are grateful for his important ABC Reminder:  Always BCareful with fire.


Suite Sweet is definitely the place to go for toys - but one of the coolest new products out there was actually at #EAEvents Social Suite! I got to check out the amazing Wubble Ball. It's a bubble that plays like a ball. My boys LOVE the Wubble Ball - so it's good they are now available at Target!

It was also fantastic to meet New York Times bestselling author, Lauren Willing. I need to make more time to get lost in a book, and I think leafing through her books made me realize she is a great place to start!

 #EAEvents Social Suite was a blast! What was your favorite table?

Photo Credit: Janice Croze for Blogger Bash


Hotel Hershey in #HersheyPa

Hotel Hershey in #HersheyPa



I'm still pondering what I like to call 'awesomeness' of my trip to Hershey, Pa with my family last week. 

We had an absolutely amazing time!  This isn't the first time I took my family to Hershey but I have to tell you that it's a game changer in my most favorite places to visit!  

Hotel Hershey LoveYou all know I just love and adore traveling.  It's such an amazing focus for my family to be able to experience life throw the lens of opportunity.  Yes, I know that not every family can travel.  In fact, my own family never traveled.  The only travel I remember as a kid was a Branson, Mo trip from hell! ha.  No joke.  It was beyond brutal.  

So it's something I swear by with my own kids.  Travel when you can!  So when the opportunity for me to work with Hershey, Pa as one of their ambassadors opened up I was all over the idea of getting to experience the sweetest place on Earth!  After all... who wouldn't want to sip hot cocoa, make smores and smell the pumped in whiff of cocoa in a glorious hotel for a couple nights!?!?!  

I was totally down. 

So when we arrived to the hotel, my family thought I was THE COOLEST mom on the planet when the desk supervisor gave us each a big Hershey's Candy Bar.  Amazing right?  LOVE that part about Hershey. 

*Minor note - NEVER visit this town if you are on a diet.  SERIOUSLY.  Never do it to yourself!!

I'd love to share with you my TOP 5 Faves of Hotel Hershey:



-- The check in.  Really.  The fact that we get chocolate bars when you check in?  LOVE.  And dear old Hudson LOVED it too!

-- The pool area!  They recently went under a huge renovation and the pool at Hotel Hershey had taken me totally by surprise!  When we got out there it was close to 5pm and I wasn't sure what the crowd would be like.  About 10 minutes in we were greeted by an awesome brass band that just so happened to come out of nowhere!  It was awesome!  The random entertainment with a huge touch of flare went a long way. 
So much so that I was convinced we had to be out there everything!

-- The Chocolate Spa.  I really don't even know what to say aobut this.  I personally treated my husband and I to treatments, lunch and a little down time.  It was awesome to know that my kids were being well taken care of while we were being well pampered of course.

 -- Cocoa Clubhouse.  This was a huge surpise to me.  I mean, I have honestly looked at booking this hotel many times in the past - but I never did it.  Not sure why - but out of this experience I am 100% convinced that the Cocoa Clubhouse is a deal maker for me and my family.  This is an awesome space where parents can comfortably drop off their kids and head out to enjoy some private time.  Ahem.  Like we did! ha.  We put our oldest (whose 6) in the Clubhouse and because our 17 month old isn't potty trained and he's still a little dude we had to pay for a sitter that the hotel can provide.  Great right?  I won't lie.  We spent more on the sitters & spa than we did the entire trip.  It definitely was not cheap, but I can tell you that was really the best part of our trip!  My husband and I got a chance to connect and our kids got a chance to really play.  Worth every penny in the end. 

-- The History.  Seriously - I am 100% the sucker when it comes to gorgeous properties with a long line of history to it!  I mean, the major chains are great and purposeful, but when you have the opportunity to be apart of something special - it just has so much more amazing life to it.  And Hotel Hershey is no stranger to amazing history.  One of my most favorite parts of the hotel was the gorgeous photography seen all around the facility.  The photography told amazing stories about the life of the location.

OVERALL REVIEW:  The Hotel Hershey is by far one of the most beautiful properties I've ever stayed at.  Yes - it is very pricey.  But you really have to weigh out the pros and cons.  For us, I'd pay that in a second because of all the amazing amenities that comes with it.  But if you are planning on not spending much time at the hotel then you may want to think about the Hershey Lodge or something more in your budget.  I honestly would have been completely content with not even leaving the hotel!! ha. 

More great #HersheyPa info coming soon!




DISCLOSURE:  I am a Hershey, Pennsylvania ambassador.  Yes, that does include some amazing perks including two nights stay & entry to some area attractions.  I paid out of pocket for the spa & sitters AND the extra night.  But it was worth every penny!  Thanks Hershey!