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Twitter ROCKS @RegusUSA

Ok.  I have to totally stop what I was doing to tell you this.  


Today, I'm at my office working my tail off.  I have to take the day off the computer tomorrow and a list of 100 things to get done before then.  

And this entire day my internet has been AWFUL.  It's been driving me INSANE.  (I pay $99 a month to have it here btw....)

So, after 6 hours of DIAL UP like service-I took to twitter to vent. 

And I KID YOU NOT.  Within 5 minutes I got this response:

Take note that I even "@" messaged them the WRONG name and they STILL got to me!

Part of my business is to help other companies grow by using social media to connect to their audience.  And I can tell you that there is an INSANE amount of companies who TOTALLY DON'T get it.

You can spit your messages out all day long...but unless you take action and really connect with the people who are 'talking about you' then you just become noise.

@RegusUSA?  You TOTALLY put me back on my heels.  

THANK YOU for doing it right.  And DOUBLE thank you for taking the call to action and connecting with me.

That just went a thousand miles in my book!

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Reader Comments (1)

Yay! Glad they noticed. I tweeted to another cable company because after two missed appointments I had enough. They responded, do you have a new appointment? I did but glad they took the time to ask. It did not help the two lost appointment days but was nice to get a response.

March 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAlison Shaffer

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