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Halloween Crafts with HERSHEY

Halloween Crafts


Whoa!  Already time to think about Halloween?

YEP!  It sure it.  And one of my fave things to do is crafts.  I hardly have the time to do them like I use to and I can say that I'm 'average' at them.  But I sure love to make them with young kids!

So when Hershey asked me to take part in their awesome HERSHEY'S Boo Blvd. I was totally down with dusting off the desk in my crafting room!

My neighborhood is big in the partytime every year and I always love ot create fun things for the kids to enjoy.

This year, the kids' are old enough to create some fun on their own with a little help from me.

We're going to make Boo Buckets.  

Here is what you need:

-- Buckets (Can be big or small, plastic, metal, etc.  It doesn't matter!)

-- Paper, decorations, anything Halloween-esque!  (Even some toilet paper.  Mummys anyone?)

-- Kids (You gotta have craft makers on hand!)

Mummy Bucket

-- Take a bucket and cut a long piece of toilet paper down the middle with jagged scissors giving it rough edges.  (You can rip it too to give it the frayed look.)

-- Use craft dots and put one dot on the bucket to start the toilet paper wrap.  Then wrap the bucket accordingly.

-- Create a 'girl mummy' by adding jewels, lips & eyelashes to the bucket

-- Create a 'boy mummy' with ribbon.

-- Add eyes to the toilet paper

Bling Boo Bucket

These are my fave and so simple to do!!

-- Gather your favorite jewels & bling in the craft department

-- Use crafts dots to write out the words you want.

-- Use tweezers to place your 'bling' on the craft dots on the buckets.

-- Add ribbon and flair!

Mad Monster Bucket:

-- Cut green scrap paper into random shapes and sizes.

-- Randomly place them with craft dots on the bucket

-- Add big wiggly eyes.

-- Curl black pipecleaner around a pencil to create a curly design.

-- Add the pipecleaner for ears


This is a sponsored post in conjunction with Mom Bloggers Club and HERSHEY.

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