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#MagicAtPlay with Kohl's #DisneySide



Within just a few short days I'll be taking on a fun filled side of the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California!

I'm honored to have been invited back to Disney Social Media Moms for the 2nd time.  I can honestly tell you that as a kid I never got to experience the 'magic' of Disney.  Heck, that only happened about 3 years ago!  

Since then, there has been a great array of awesome that has happened for me and my family in regards to the big Walt & the Magic he's brought to people all over the world. 

Getting this opportunity is really a coveted spot.  Disney only hands out a handful of tickets and we all wait with our fingers crossed on getting the chance to learn, love & play with the people who call Disney their work home. 

This year, we were contacted by Kohl's to see if we were interested in reviewing the new Disney line by Jumping Bean available exclusively at Kohl's!  So, yesterday afternoon I hit the store locally to see what they have. 

I have to tell you - the clothes are amazing but the display is over the top!  It was so fun to look through all the cute clothes by Jumping Bean.  I found a couple shirts for Hudson & since I don't have a daughter - I bought the CUTEST outfit for a friend who's having a girl!!  OMGOSH.  The boy stuff is cute - but the GIRL STUFF IS OVER THE TOP!  Frilly, fun and frisky - all in one aisle. 

Stick around - as I've got a $50 Gift card for YOU to experience the #MagicAtPlay!  



Nickelodeon Suites Hotel

Nickelodeon Suites Hotel


Do your kids have a massive obsession with Nickelodeon?  Sponge Bob?  Dora?

Then pack your bags, friends because I have the PERFECT FAMILY HOTEL for you to visit in Orlando!

Nick Hotel - the ULTIMATE Nickelodeon Getaway is probably one of the most fun hotels I've ever stayed at with my people!!

Remember the show, years ago called Double Dare?  The host was the legendary Mark Summers, right?  Yeah.  Let me just tell you that Double Dare is ALIVE & WELL at Nick Hotel!

Another parts of the hotel that totally rocks are the pool.  Where everyday at 4:45 they bring out the crew and they get everyone all riled up and then the dump that INSANE bucket of green slime on everyone!  

We had the best view for sure. ha.  I got to watch the whole thing on the 5th floor corner checking out the entire-gross-sliming of my husband and my son on at LEAST 3 different occassions! ha. 

It was actually pretty cool.  I'm still dying ot know what your slime mixture is made of. 

Boston, my 5 year old who LOVES Spongebob stayed in a fun room off the dining room that had the walls COVERED with a huge Spongebob wrap.  

What I love about the rooms is that they are more than just a 'room'.  There is a kitchenette, bathroom with decent space.  Then there are 2 bedrooms.  The master bedroom with a nice sized closet and then a kids' like bedroom with two twin beds. 

The hotel is amazing even outside the rooms.  There is a 'mall' which is unlike the traditional 'mall'.  Inside they had a Subway, icecream & coffee shop and a few other amazing little things.  There is the character dining restaurant, gift shop, pizza place and even an awesome arcade!

I have to tell you, though... I was MEGA disappointed when I went to the arcade to find out that COTTON CANDY MACHINE WAS BROKEN!!!  Yes.  Broken.  I was devastated. Yes.  But I did survive. ha

Another spot in the mall is their front door area.  There is a studio on one side where you can enjoy nightly Double Dare games which was one of the BEST parts of Nick Hotel!  I loved it.  Remember that bizarre gigantic nose in the old school game where contestants have to reach up the nostril and grab the flag to get to the next person??? IT WAS THERE!!!  I totally kid you not. ha

Such a great time all the way around!  I highly suggest this hotel to any family who wants to get away from the major theme park resorts and need some 'down time'.  There are definitely plus & minuses to staying off the major theme park properties and Nick Hotel was a perfect fit for me and my family!

Want to travel to Orlando with toddlers?  The best time to do so is in MAY!  There are amazing buy one adult - get a child in free deals.  Be sure to check out for more details!

Have you ever been?  What is your favorite part of the Hotel?

And if you've never been - ask away!!  Love to help you plan a fab Visit Orlando vacation!



DISCLOSURE:  We were invited by Visit Orlando to experience the great opportunities for families with young kids in Orlando.  Yes, my family all attended - and we were given special media opportunities to facilitate this review.  Traveling with families are hard enough!  Real Mom Travels are here to make your family travel easier!


SwaddleDesigns SMART Blanket 

This may be on of the coolest (and smartest) ideas I have seen in a long time!

SwaddleDesigns, a made in the USA brand, has developed a swaddling blanket that has a QR code sewn to the label that opens up a white noise, swaddling instructions and even baby care videos, right on your smartphone.

How SMART is that?!

SwaddleDesigns teamed up with renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp to offer this new product called “SwaddleClub." SwaddleDesigns’ patent pending design is the first to permanently attach a QR label to a swaddling blanket to access educational information and stream white noise to a mobile phone.

 In the app you will find: 

  • White noise: There is a fabulous library of white noise sounds that can sooth your baby as she goes to sleep. There are a number to choose from so you can find the perfect sound that works best for your little one.
  • Swaddling instructions: In addition to swaddling information, parents can access how-to videos on their phones. Brilliant and so easy!
  • Dr. Harvey Karp: Renowned pediatrician Dr. Harvey Karp, author of the best-selling book and DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block, provides his expertise in a series of short baby care videos.

You can learn more about the SwaddleClub at You can purchase the beautiful new designs at



Infanttech Always in View Review

Infanttech Always in View Review

This entire motherhood thing have been able to put unique products in my hands that I just love testing out!

I have always wondered why there never was a product like this. You know, one that can actually SEE who was the trouble maker in the backseat of the car! ha

Actually, this product is meant for safety.  

You know how you have that baby in your backseat and he/she starts crying because their binky fell out?  

Then you stretch, reach, and ALMOST have an accident because you can't really see it? Those days are gone!

“Always in View™” Baby Monitor for Cars is a wireless video monitoring system  that allows you to see your baby while driving! The high-def camera inside the cute and cuddly plush {like this adorable monkey} broadcasts images of the baby to a color monitor conveniently that you place on the dashboard of your car. The camera comes with infrared lighting which allows you to able to view your baby day or night. 

The “Always in View™” Baby Monitor for Cars helps reduce distracted driving, unnecesary head turning, and awkward arm reaching movements keeping you and baby safe!


Happy Birthday Hudson

Yes, I know.  

His birthday was almost a MONTH ago. 

But today as I sit here I realized that the past month was such a bizarre state of life that I completely didn't post about my little love.  

I swear.  I have been slacking on this blog.  I've been so wrapped up in the must do - must be - must all - I have skipped the moments where I should have been documenting the life that I did 5 years ago when I started this blog. 

Don't get me wrong.  I actually HAVE been scrapbooking again!  That is a huge bonus.  So much so, that even though I haven't shared it here - I've actually got proof that I have been keeping up with my #2 and his little life. 

Have you seen my facebook page?  Twitter?

So.... I may not have shared it here - but he's out there.  The love - warmth - growing obsession with this little dude is out there.  And what's great about it?  I'm so present when I'm with him. 

So, here is my little message for my little dream boy, Hudson. 

Dear Hudson, 

You - my darling, have been such an amazing blessing to our family. You have been a constant reminder to slowwww down.  To live in the moment.  And to capture as much as possible every day!

One year has passed.  (Well, a year and about a month but who's really counting?)

You just started crawling while we were away in Florida.  And can I tell you how much work you are now? ha.  So many people ahem-your grandma- were constantly questioning your growth.  They were worried about you not crawling or hitting other milestones.  Well, your brother didn't start walking until he was 18 months old.  So I knew, it would happen on YOUR time.  

And, I'm glad it did! ha.  Cause if you were crawling like this anytime sooner???  OMMGGOSH!

Oh how I can't wait till you start running walking.

Be sure to check out your scrapbook little dude as you get older.  I promise to truly capture every funny moment.  Oh yeah-and the Childhood Biography book that I'm always filling out.  Funny, funny things - kid.  

May your 2nd little year of life be filled with moments that help you grow.  Moments that your brother remembers with you.  He sure adores you Hudson.  Boston kisses you everyday.  He calls you 'Little Legs'.  He reads books to you sometimes.  And he's starting to get annoyed at you for going after and wrecking his Legos.  Oh how he'll learn though.  (BOSTON - PICK UP YOUR LEGO'S!!!)

I can't wait to take you to the shore this summer, Hudson!  We'll make sandcastles.  Or, we'll tear down your brothers. hee hee.  Pay back big dude.  Pay Back.  We'll get ice cream  We'll play ball.  You can make messes, Hudson and at the shore - I don't get crabby!  =)

May this next year God give you good health. May you smile instead of frown.  May all your dreams come true, Sugar Bear.  

And yes.  You are Sugar Bear.  And you will still be my Sugar Bear when you're 16, ok?  


Yo Mama