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Rooibee Roo, Blogger Bash, and You! Instagram Contest

We are SOOO mega excited to share that we have partnered with an amazing kids drink that is taking the kid-drinking-nation-by-storm!

Real Mom Media & Rooibee Red Tea are working together to share the Rooibee Roo message to families all over the country.  If you care about the sugar and gunk in so many other kids' drinks, you are really going to love the new line from Rooibee Red Tea, Rooibee Roo. 


Rooibee Red Tea recently launched their new line of teas just for kids. Who says teas are just for grown ups anyway? Rooibee Roo is uniquely delicious, wildly nutritious & just for kids! Discover what all the roaring, whooping & hollering is all about! 

Rooibee Roo is made from South African Rooibos Red Tea and has lower sugar than other kids beverages. Their certified USDA Organic, all natural teas rich in antioxidants, naturally caffeine-free, gluten-free and contains a full serving of Vitamin C.  And they taste amazing!  

Rooibee Roo comes in a kid-size friendly BPA-free plastic bottle that is 8 ounces vs. the 12 ounce parent bottle. With only 12 grams of organic cane sugar and less than 60 calories a serving, it is within school nutrition guidelines.

Rooibee Roo is excited to be at Blogger Bash this July in New York City and they want you to be there too!  Rooibee Red Tea wants to send one blogger as their official Ambassador to Blogger Bash.

So how can that be you?

Create an Instagram video with your child(ren) sharing the Rooibee Roo cheer!

“Give me a R-O-O-I-B-E-E! Made from South African Rooibos just for you and me!”
Make sure you tag your Instagram video with the hashtag #RooibeeRoo

The contest will run through June 12, 2014 and the winner will be announced on June 13, 2014. One winner will receive a VIP ticket to Blogger Bash NYC (valued at $250) along with a $500 travel stipend to attend the event.

2014 #RooibeeRoo & You Blogger Bash Giveaway {Full Contest Rules}



To My Sweet Birthday Boy

Boston, Birthday 5/25/08Dear Boston, 

My darling almost SIX year old boy.  

I don't even know where to start in telling you the story of you, my dear. 

I started this blog...when I was given you.  

I was scared, sad, lonely, overwhelmed & a nice chunk of crazy after you were born. ha.  I can't help but chuckle a bit.

I think about how much you've grown.  And how much our lives have been blessed with you.  You've changed me, kid.  You've made me a better person.  

Boston's 1st BirthdayI know.  This is too deep and nutty to read as a six year old.  So maybe you'll save this deep mom moment for when you are older.  

I remember this night.  This moment in time.  Six years ago.  Your dad and I went to Delaware to hang out.  We didn't want to go far because....what IF I did go in labor?  

So, we went to another state instead haha. Actually, it wasn't far.  And we just walked around Wilmington for a few hours.  I remember we came home and I sat on the hammock with Rocky.  You know, your dog.  We had dinner and I just knew it that day.  I knew you were coming that night.  I knew when I laid my head on that pillow that there was just something so surreal about this thing.  

Boston's 2nd BirthdayAnd just a couple minutes after midnight....I woke up and felt very weird.  My water broke.  Oh yes, dude.  You don't even want to know what that means.  Cause you're WAY to young to be told how exactly babies get in this world ya know.  

So, I woke up your dad....told him 'it was time'.  And it was time.  He took the dog out and ran back in.  It was super cute, Boston.  He was so excited.  As I was frantically running around trying to make sure that I had what I needed packed.  

He was so loving.  So kind.  So excited. 

Boston's 3rd BirthdayWe hopped in the car, called your grandparents and off we went to Bryn Mawr Hospital.  

It's amazing how I think about the fear in my head and my heart when I was in labor with you and how similar it was with your little brother.  Except you were my first.  And I was TOTALLY freaked out of my mind. 

Will he love me?  Will I be a good mom? Will I be there when he falls, when he starts walking, when he falls in love?  When he gets his first heartbreak?  Will I be able to give him good advice? Will I put my not so much love of sports aside and be the loudest on the sidelines rooting him on?  Will he still sleep in my bed when he's 14?!?!

Boston's 4th BirthdayBoston, there are so many amazing things that have happened in my life in the past 6 years.  I know that the big chunk of it you'll never remember.  But I'm so glad that I actually documented your birthdays on this blog. This little speck of internet dust that eventually became my way of life.  

I owe it to you my little friend.  My sweet, loving & caring little man. 

The one who won't let me pick his nose in front of his friends.  The one who called me "MOM" and not mama for the first time and had me bawling cause you said you were going to kindergarten and you were a big kid now.  The one who held my hand when you walked into pre-school.  The one who rubbed my belly and kissed it when your baby brother was in there.  

The one who still sleeps in my bed. 

Boston's 5th BirthdayThe one who still calls for me and begs me to put him to sleep at night. 

The one who still tells me he loves me.

The one who was born six years ago today.

Ok, dude.  I'm off to bed.  You know. The one you STILL sleep in.  But don't worry, Boston...your secret is safe with me.  Hee Hee.


Yo Mama



Boston, Back in the Day

5th Birthday

4th Birthday

3rd Birthday

2nd Birthday

1st Birthday


Hey NYC: Do You Know Your Zone For Hurricane Preparedness Week? #KnowYourZone

I live in a lovely suburb of Philadelphia (go Eagles!), but my work brings me to New York City and northern New Jersey a lot. I love visiting this bustling city and all of the sights and sounds that can only be found in NYC. Over the past few years, we have all watched as New York City and northern New Jersey have felt the impact of some of the crazy weather patterns we all have experienced on the East Coast. I was rocked by how Hurricane Irene devestated the Jersey Shore (you can read my posts here and here). And we all watched in horror when Superstorm Sandy wrecked so many parts of our beloved New York City.

Did you know this week is Hurricane Preparedness week? And on behalf of the city I travel to so often, I am proud to help spread the word about Know Your Zone with Ad Council and the New York City Office of Emergency Management. New Yorkers need to be prepared, and with the start of Hurricane Season this weekend (June 1) it is the perfect time to take a look at the free information and resources these organizations have prepared for the public.


First, if you are  NYC resident, find out if your home or business is located in one of NYC’s six hurricane evacuation zones. These zones are ranked by their danger of flooding from storm surge (with zone 1 being the most likely to flood). In the event of a hurricane or coastal storm, residents in these zones may be ordered to evacuate. Know Your Zone has information about the six hurricane evacuation zones, the hazards you may face from a hurricane and what to do to prepare. 


Next, take the following steps to prepare for Hurricane Season:

  • Read the Ready New York Hurricane Guide: The guide contains instructions on how to develop a hurricane disaster plan and secure your home before a storm as well as a map of New York City hurricane evacuation zones.
  • Use hashtag #knowyourzone for topics related to Hurricane Season, zones, and information.


Be prepared and let's all be SAFE this Hurricane Season!



Caring for Caregivers with the AARP #ThanksProject

I can't imagine where I would be without the love, nurturing and guidance from my parents. They raised me, and thanks to them, I am proud of the person I am today. I look back on my life, and remember all of the times they took care of me when I was sick and provided for me when I needed resources. I know there will come a point when the tables will turn and they will need me. There is nothing I would not do to take care of them and provide for them in return!

In the US,  42 million people between the ages 40 – 60 are faced with the challenge of providing care to their older loved ones, day in and day out. Just as I would do anything to take care of the wonderful parents who took care of me, these caregivers do not see this as a responsibility, but an honor. And because of this, they may not realize that they have taken on the role of caregivers.


As we just celebrated Mother's Day and Father's Day is just around the corner, I am happily partnering with the AARP to raise awareness about the The Thanks Project. This awesome online platform gives caregivers the opportunity to publicly recognize the parents/loved ones whom they care for. Each individual ‘thanks’ will be woven into an interactive tapestry, representing the 42 million caregivers that live in the United States.

This is the perfect season to recognize the parents who raised you and to remind you why caregiving is worth it.




Are you curently playing the role of caregiver for your loved ones? The AARP has many great resources for you. Here are just a sample of the resources available:

Prepare to Care (Caregiving Planning Guide for Families)

12 Resources Every Caregiver Should Know About


Who are the caregivers you want to celebrate during this season?



Southern Party with Aladdin

Southern Party with Aladdin


Prior to this whole 'mom life' believe it or not I was one heck of an entertainer.  

I mean really!  From the invites to decor, drinks, down to the whole event!  I loved it.  Loved it so much that I actually did it almost monthly in some way. Whether having my girlfriends coming over or couples and even family.  I loved to entertain!  

Fast forward to oh... TODAY.  Or really right after moving to Philadelphia.  

I just kind of put all those once important things aside.  Why?  

Because my house was taken over by rugrats.  

You think I'm kidding ?!!?!  ha.  I'm not.  The LAST thing I wanted was to have to hide the toys that weere all over the floor, in the kitchen, even in the dishwasher!!!  Toys. 

Oh, and having boys.

Dirty boys and a house full of toys pretty much puts a damper on all things fun! ha.  Well... it really just becomes a 'different' kind of fun.  Different priorities.  Events or event planning has become a thing of the past outside of birthday parties or holidays where I pick up already cooked meals, toss them in the oven and voila.  

So, a couple weeks ago I was invited to an amazing event being put on by the MEGA talented Nicole Feliciano from MomTrends.  I'm a HUGE fan of hers.  She introduced me to the awesomeness of Stokke.  Plus, everything I've ever been to of hers has been outstanding!!

Elizabeth with Party BluprintsSo, I was invited to a Southern Luncheon at a beautiful estate in Atlanta.  

My dear friends Dawn & Elizabeth from Party BluPrints were also apart of the event and I knew I just had to fly in a day early so that I was up, refreshed and ready to rock the luncheon put on by Aladdin

Now, mind you.  I was secretly vying to feel a sense of motivation to host parties again.  It's kind of fell out of my vocabulary or thought process event.  And as much as I love these ladies - they make it look soooo easy!  

Between Fashion & Food - over the past nearly 6 years my taste, trends and attempts fell out and hit the dirt.  (You should see the cropped knit pants & hoodie I'm rocking now, yo.)

Upon arrival I felt the sense of pure southern hospitality take over me.  I went to college in Kentucky and have always had a heart for the country.  You can take the girl out of the country but you can't take the country out of the girl, ya know?  

Good news is that I didn't plop out in some frumpy outfit.  I actually had a fab time the day before shopping till I dropped (LITERALLY) at the Fipps Mall next to the hotel.   When you walked in there were big Alladin pitchers filled with amazing tasty drinks.  Cucumber Mint water, Strawberry Lemonade and so many more.  

If I wasn't in such a 'dainty atmosphere' I could have EASILY turned my head upside down on those pitchers!! ha.  I know.  Highly appropriate?  No.  Anyway, the settings for the lunch were amazing.  Dawn & Elizabeth do an outstanding job setting up gorgeous settings.  The flowers were fab all the way down to the service!  Very nice crew.  Being around amazing women I consider peers was a dream too!

Alladin, MomTrends & Party Bluprints did an outstanding job conveying some good old country classics in their event.  We even brought home a tasty rub for cooking ourselves!

What is your favorite things to fill up a good old Aladdin Mason jar?