What My Mom and Garth Brooks Have In Common





HELLO MURRAY STATE!! (My alma mater - don't laugh people. Racers Racers-YEE HAW! lol My memory always returns to college when I think about Garth!)

Yeah, so what does my mom and Garth Brooks have in common?  A whole heck of a lot!  For one...

Garth is Country.  My mom is COUNTRY. (Born and raised in Kentucky, she was.  She says ya'all, fixin and it ain't done it well! ha)  Garth is from Oklahoma - but we won't hold that against him.  =)

But also, a song.  One called 'Mom'. 

For a man who has made his mark in music on a big scale, Garth Brooks will forever be a family name in our house.  Obviously with selling over 134 million albums-he's a family name in many houses!  In my radio days - my first job was for a country station in Kentucky.  I remember getting to go to a concert with my mom and how excited she was to see the show.  I took my mom to check out LeeAnn Womack.  It was in 2000 when I Hope You Dance rocked the charts.  I remember it just like it was yesterday. It was really my moms first concert and she was so cute about it!  She said to LeeAnn 'next time you're in St. Louis - come over for biscuits and gravy!'  And of course LeeAnn knew my moms name and called her Ida. 

It was awesome. 

Everything about that experience with my mom was just dreamy. It was a time in my life when my college boyfriend dumped me so my mama being around was all I cared about!  She came and visited me often that year.  It really warms my heart thinking about it.  This was actually the first and ONLY concert my mom has ever been to.  Wouldn't it be great to take her to see & meet Garth?  Hmmmm. 

In fact.  What I wouldn't do to take my mom backstage to meet Garth in CONCERT!!!  Yep, for a man who has said he retired-he sure returns a lot! ha. Brilliant biz move on his end.  But yes, Garth has a new album with an AWESOME new single called "MOM"!  The album drop goes hand in hand with his partnership with GhostTunes, a new music site.  AND HE'S TOURING AGAIN!  

In case you didn't know, Garth is the highest profile artist to hold out on the digital music scene.  He's actually been asked if he thought todays generation would even listen to his music and know what it's like to experience Garth live.  I guess you can say he's got a great attitude about it all because he is calling it the 'Official Wheelchair & Walker Tour'. ha

Ok, back to the MOM part.  So, his new single "Mom" has such a beautiful story to it.  And in honor of his new single  - he's doing a cool concert with YOUR MOM!!  Huh?  Yeah!  Well sort of.  MAYBE!  You could be enjoying a concert with YOUR MOM! 

He's giving away one lucky winner and their mom an experience to travel to a Garth Show!  In celebration of Garth Brooks brand new single, he's partnered with GhostTunes and one lucky mom and guest will win the opportunity to see Garth in concert complete with hotel and airfare!  

So share, sign up, register, scream from the mountain tops and above all SIGN UP FOR GHOSTTUNES  AND DOWNLOAD HIS ALBUM TO ENJOY MOM!

GhostTunes is the only place you can get it!

Find GhostTunes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more!

Have you ever been to a Garth Show?  What is your favorite Garth song?



DISCLOSURE:  Compensation was provided by GhostTunes via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Ghost Tunes or MomTrends. 

#RealMomGiftGuide Secret Scooter Santa on Fox 29


Giving Gets Good with Jennaphr Frederick


I'm definitely feeling under the weather today.  It's really a bummer because I have so much work to do.... So, if you're reading this - and I owe you an email, phone call, report, facebook message, text, or anything else...I have a GREAT excuse.  In fact, SANTA himSELF has pardoned me for being behind.  

Why?  Cause he hired me to be a messenger for him.  

I didn't realize how much work he WANTED from me...shew....but, it's SANTA.  And since I've asked him personally for a new car this year - I best do as I'm told.  

Today was the big GIVE - BIG BIG GIVE to a warm and deserving family!  And this year, Jennaphr Frederick said she wanted to join me when I do the Secret Scooter Santa Drop!

I feel like I can honestly say that I've gotten to know Jennaphr Fred. from Fox 29 pretty well the past years.  I've had an amazing opportunity to be on her show and she's continued to ask me back again & again!  It's a blessing to be able to strap my UGGS back on and step back into the 'limelight' of what I did for 20 years.  Radio & TV were my first drives.  Then came motherhood.  And within this time of motherhood - there has been some really awful experiences & I vowed never to return to radio again. lol 

Hence, I haven't done that - but I have been extremely blessed to have unique opportunities in tv.  One is with Jenn.  I don't know how I convinced her to have me on the first place - but SHE DID.  And I've been obsessed with her ever since. hahaha

Ok, no - I don't stalk JennFred.  But I do love to hang out with her!  She's really freaking hysterical.  What you see is what you get with her.  She's got a great heart too.  **SIDE NOTE** I can't wait to share with you a new feature I'm doing in 2015 that Jenn is kicking it off with me.  You'll love it as it's an inside look on the hearts of some of my favorite moms.  From celebs to neighbors & anyone I can get to come over that week.....lol...  In the MomCave...coming soon to my YouTube Channel!

In the meantime, my 2nd annual Secret Scooter Santa Drop with Razor was this morning!!!  I WAS SOOO HAPPY! Not because I got to see Jenn although I always love seeing her - but because this GREAT GRANDMA got rocked with Razor (& some other random yet amazing toys I had left from the Kisses for Kyle Event.)  -----> Speaking of Kisses for Kyle!!  That recap is well on its way!  AND a video I had produced too!  So I promise that will be worth the wait. 

In the meantime, watch - share - and be sure to register for our contest!!


Wild StylePower Wings, A5, Mixi & Crazy Cart!

The breakdown - Power Wings - AWESOME for moms (and great grandmoms).  The Crazy Cart?  I LOVE it - but I'm a nut about making sure it's with older kids.  The younger ones are just so fragile!  Besides, Razor says NINE and UP!  

Mixi is adorable.  The A5 is a classic.  And Wild Style is wild with style!


DISCLOSURE:  Razor did not provide compensation for this appearance.  However, for the past two year Razor offered me up scooters to families.  It was THEIR idea and there was no strings attached.  That's a testament of what kind of company they are!  And hopefully the fact that I take the great products I get and GIVE them away is a testament to who I am and what Real Mom Media stands for as well.  Happy Holidays to you and your families!

Christmas in Hershey at the Sweetest Place on Earth


Have I told you how much I LOVE that I'm a Hershey, PA ambassador yet?  I know.  I shouldn't rub it in.  But the thought of millions of lights surrounded by the sweet smell of chocolate in the sweetest place on Earth?  I can NOT wait!

This summer, you saw that I got hit with the conundrum of the fact that Hershey has me questioning my other favorite place, Cape May!!  Something about these two amazing history towns that cuddles up to my heart. 

Over the summer it was SO HOTT.  SO so SO SOOOOOO hott.  We came, we saw and conquered.  And now it's gonna be COLD!  But hot cocoa will probably be the BOMB and flowing EVERYWHERE, right?


Built in 1933, Hotel Hershey sits as a member of Historic Hotels of America with 3 restaurants, indoor and outdoor pools, kids club and even a sweet mini-golf spot!  

Hotel Hershey is a must do over the holidays!  That has been something that I have heard over and over since moving to Philly 7 years ago.  I'm thrilled that it's finally coming to fruition!


There are really so many AMAZING things to do in Hershey BESIDES just eating chocolate ya know. Although that's never a BAD idea but there are so many great ideas that you can enjoy in Hershey, PA with your chocolate!  

From the Spa at the Hotel Hershey where their have the most amazing hot cocoa to the ice skating, chocolate making at Hershey Story and more. 


Ok, I'm off to experience and then return to share with you about CHRISTMAS IN HERSHEY!

Where is your favorite place to get in the holiday spirit?


#RealMomGiftGuide Kisses for Kyle Recap


I don't really even know how to start here.  

It's taken me an entire day to put my head to my computer to share with you the heartfelt love I shared yesterday with Kisses for Kyle Foundation and their community of amazing families.

You see, I've had quite the crazy year.  And the past two months I've been running like the wild west.  Bouncing from city to country to island to snow, sun, rain.... INSANITY to say the least.  And I am ashamed to admit that on more than one occasion I doubted myself and wondering 'what on Earth am I doing?'  Oh, I can tell you there are a solid 4-5 instances this year that I found myself standing in the middle of the room asking myself the same questions.

What was I thinking?  What if I it's not enough?  Is it worth it?  What do my kids look like again?

And I can tell you within 24 hours post the event or experience where I felt that - the biggest sense of gratitude overtakes me.  And today has been no exception.  

I know I'm not perfect.  I know that I am not the smartest person or most talented or funniest.  I know that I've made mistakes in life that were my fault.  But you'll never find me denying the truth whether it's right or wrong - the truth is always there. 

You see, in 2008 when I started this blog thing, I knew that the biggest thing I was going to miss from being on the radio was being able to use my platform as a mouth piece for things bigger than myself.  And to think that after years of not being in radio, I was able to pull off the BEST charitable event I've ever been apart of?  Makes me know that what happened in 2008 was meant to be.  There was going to be something bigger than myself & without trying, I succeeded.  Whatever that success may be.  


May your holidays be filled with love, laughter and joy.  Take time to unplug and spend time with someone that you love.

Happy Holidays!




#TravelTuesday Gaylord National Hotel Review

Everyone and their mother (including my own) knows how much I LOVE holiday decorations!  LOVE them.  They mean so much more to me than having a pile of stuff under the tree.  In fact, my oldest son is really remembering my love of decoration.  

It's awesome because when I ask him what he wants for Christmas, he never knows..but for 3 weeks in November he BEGGED me to put the holiday lights up!  Super cute.  So, the weekend before Thanksgiving we started to put things up.  That's what I love about the holiday.  And something that carries over from my childhood. 

Decorations and experiences are always my favorite - so to get the chance to take a trip with the kids to explore ICE at Gaylord National was a no brainer!  When I first heard about ICE!, I was going to college in Kentucky.  Nashville, TN was our closest hot spot city and there is a Gaylord Hotel location there as well.  My girlfriend shared with me that she was going there and I became obsessed with getting there for a visit myself!

So, I did!  Quite a few times!  And what's great is that each year has been just a little bit different. 

This year, their them is Frosty the Snowman. It brings a whole new meaning to Christmas on the Potomac!


Top 5 Holiday Faves at Gaylord National

1) GINGY!!  We make a gingerbread house every year.  It's something Boston mentions all year long too!  The price for the Gingerbread House is a little high (approx $50) but the experience is well worth it!  Not to mention - they are GOURMET holiday houses. Yum!

A photo posted by Joey Fortman (@joeyfortman) on

2) THE ICE! Yes!  Believe it - these awesome artists (40 of them to be exact) fly in from Harbin, China to make this spectacular! Seriously!  They work an entire month to rock this exhibit of awesome!  This year they have a new live carving zone, called The Frostbite Factory.  Brrrrr right?  To say the least, 5,000 blocks of ice weighing in at 2 million pounds.  Yeah.  Cold is an understatement!

Yeah! One of my Top 3 Fave Family Holiday Escapes! #RealMomTravels #Philly

A photo posted by Joey Fortman (@joeyfortman) on

3) THE SCAVENGER HUNT!  Ok, so the true 'competitive' person comes out with this one.  I LOVE these Instagram/event scavenger hunts.  This one was adorable to see many of the kids get excited when they found the Reindeers in random places.  My fave was the one in the ceiling where you check into the hotel!  Look for it in the loops! 

4) THE GLASS MEGA-TREE!  So where do you get a 60 foot tall, 7,000 pound glass tree?!?!  Have someone make it of course!  It's only the world's ONLY suspended synthetic glass Christmas tree made of 108 hand creafted pieces of green holly leaves, 11 red berries and one big mega gold bow on top!  There is a nightly tree lighting show that families can love & the tree rocks the fountain show beautifully too!  It's a must see.

5) THE CHARACTERS!  Gaylord National has a partnership with Dreamworks and so many of your favorite characters come to life everyday!  There is a 'DreamWorks' Madagascar Crack A Lackin' Cook-in Character Breakfast available for about $30 for adults and $20 for kids 3-12.  Under 2 is free.  Yes, it is a little pricey, but your kids get entertained by King Julien, Alex the Lion and their friends!  We didn't do the breakfast - but we did see the characters walking by.  That was pretty cool to see Hudson my almost 2 year old have a light up face!! So cute.  The other times we went, I went NUTS over the GREEN chocolate fountain.  Granted, everything was Shrek related...so I get it - but they didn't have green chocolate this time.  BUMMER, right?  Cause of COURSE this mama goes for the chocolate fountain!!! It still tasted amazing green or brown. ha

A photo posted by Joey Fortman (@joeyfortman) on

Ok, so those are my Top 5 Faves on this trip.  Have you ever been to Gaylord National?  Where is one of your favorite places to travel to take in the holiday festivities?

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Coming up next:  Christmas in Hershey!  As an ambassador we get to go there again!  I sure love to travel.  And add Christmas awesome to it? HEAVEN!