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Really Visit Philly


Really Visit Philly


I've lived in this uber awesome town for almost 7 years!  I can't believe it.  The time has flown by.  And I'll be totally honest with you when my husband said 'I got a job offer in Philly' I kind of snarled.  I had never been to Philadelphia before and the city didn't have the best reputation from what I had heard. 

But when we arrived and I finally got to see and 'visit Philadelphia' as a tourist would, I quickly realized there was so much more to this city than what anyone could tell me that didn't live here. The secret little places from City Tavern where our dignitaries once came after a long day at the office.  No big deal. JUST WRITING THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE!  Awesome, right?

So many secret little places in Philadelphia that visitors can truly learn and experience our countries heritage.  You know what else Philly has that isn't like any other city?  FUNKY FAST STOPS!  That's what I call 'fun-out of the box-unique places-to see on the fly'!

For the Three Stooges Fans

The Stooges have a Museum in Philly called the Stoogeum!  Get it - Stooges and Museum? Ha. Love it.  The Stoogeum is the first and only museum for the Stooges with over 100,000 pieces of Stoogiabilia.  (Yes. That is a REAL WORLD.)  The Stoogeum is also home to the Three Stooges Fan Club.  From artifacts to artwork dating back from 1917 to today - you're sure to remember something fabulous from your childhood!  (I use to watch the Stooges with my grandpa and this place brought me back to those memories!)

YES! Pizza Brain in Guiness Book of Records!For the Pizza Lovers

Pizza Brain located in the Fishtown section of Philly is the first pizza culture museum and shop.  This fun shop has everything from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles memorabilia to more facts you can handle about pizza!  All truth and backed by the Guiness Book of World Records, thank you.  Fun for the whole family for sure!

For the Shoe Shopping Addict

Ok, so you won't be able to fuel your addiction if you really are a shoe addict but you will be able to have some fun learning all about SHOES at the Shoe Museum at Temple University!  This museum is home to over 900 pairs of shoes and 250 of them are on display!

From celebrities, former presidents to even a circus giants size 18 pair of shoes, you will definitely get the shoe buzz visiting this quirky place in Philly!  This museum isn't one you can just 'stop by' as you'll have to make an appointment but it's well worth it for any shoe lover!

Staying in Philly

Of course you need to find a place to stay.  I'd love to have you at my house but my 5 year old might talk your ear of and my 1 year old might eat your food. Sooo..with that being said - the best place to find the best deals for staying in Philly is the website  There you'll see the latest and greatest places to stay that works with Visit Philly to offer the best deals.  In this deal you get 2 nights accomodation, free parking (MEGA value there!) and a fab With Love, Philadelphia XOXO Welcome Gift!

So what are you waiting for!  Come Visit Philly!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.

Philadelphia is the perfect spot for a getaway! Stay for any two consecutive nights at one of twenty participating hotels and your car stays free! For more information and to book your room



This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Visit Philadelphia. The opinions and text are all mine.


Just Between Friends Kansas City #JBFKC

Well, howdy friends!  

You probably remember my LOVE of the Just Between Friends Sale with the ladies of the JBF Oaks & Reading sales in years past, right?  Their sales are SAVING moms money, cleaning out houses AND putting cash in your pockets!  I'm all about that, aren't you?

Well, this year we're working with some other amazing Just Between Friends outlets across the country and we couldn't be more excited about it!!!

First out the gate, I took off from Toy Fair in NYC and hit up my new friends Amber & Tami in Kansas City!

The Kansas City Just Between Friends group has an amazing following.  Fabulous ladies making money & saving on stuff they need through their sales in Lee's Summit & Overland Park. 

We did two twitter parties with Amber & Tami and I also had a little lunch with some fabulous Kansas City bloggers!  They shopped and shared their hauls with the hashtags #BestDeal & #JBFKC.  You can see how cool it is yourself on their social media pages (WHICH by the way - Amber & Tami - you're rocking it!!!)

You can always see our recaps of these fun event on our Real Mom Events site - but I wanted to share some of their great finds here!

I personally came back to Philly with an overpouring suitcase.  

Yes. I know.  

But I ONLY spent $20 and got some great stuff for my dudes since we're going to Orlando this week!  (Yes, I had an urgent - OH NO...I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING FOR THEM TO WEAR moment!)

Be sure to check out our Pinterest Boards too!  

And if you want to add your #BestDeals - by all means - Please do!


Facebook - Website - Twitter


Facebook - Website - Twitter


Campbell's Wisest Kid Memories

 Campbell's Wisest Kid Memories


My time working with Campbell Soup Company is coming to an end.

I have to tell you... I’m kind of sad. I mean, I’ve gotten to really know their brand over the past six months and really gotten to know how passionate they are about families. Not<>to mention The Wisest Kid. What is HE going to do with his life when he is no longer TheWisest Kid?

Or. Maybe he’ll FOREVER be The Wisest Kid. I mean, he does have to grow up ya know. Do you think he has the fountain of youth or does he really have to grow up?That would be kind of hard. But I guess in life and in everything it’s time to grow up. Move on. Change. Recreate. Evolve. And Mr. Wisest Kid? You are adorable. And since you’re The Wisest Kid in the WHOLE World, I’m sure you won’t have a problem getting a scholarship or something. Maybe you’ll join the military. Maybe you’ll save the world. Anything can happen, ya know.

Or. Maybe The Wisest Kid in the Whole World will live in my families hearts forever. Till my kids are grown and they talk about the ‘old flat screen tv commercial days’ as they watch their shows through glasses and reflections on walls. I’d imagine by that time their fingers are remote controls. Awesome, right?

Wow. I’m kind of all over the place thinking about this wise kid. And my goodbye for now with Campbell Soup Company, I’d like to share with you my Top 5 Favorite Tweets from The Wisest Kid campaign & my favorite Wisest Kid Commercial.

Top 5 Favorite Tweets: The Wisest Kid

1) A bowl of chicken noodle soup a day keeps the doctor away #condensed

2) What do you call a mom who saves the day with some tomato soup? A Soup-er Hero! #SoupJokes

3) Fill your cheeks with Mini Chicken Pot Pies and it will hurt less when your aunts pinch them.

4) A noodle is slurped & no one’s there to hear it, does it still taste good? Of course, your ears aren’t in your mouth!

5) “The turkey gets all the glory,” said no green bean casserole ever.

Hahaha. Isn’t he cute? Seriously? I hope they keep that kid around for a while. So does my 5 year old who just told me that he wants to play in the snow with that wise kid. Guess I’ll have to make some soup cause snow & soup surely goes together!

Here is my fave Wisest Kid Video. That mom is SO ME but with dark hair. Ha

This is a sponsored post by Campbell's Soup Company.  All opinions expressed are my own.


#WellBeginnings Diapers 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.

#WellBeginnings Diapers 

Before having children, you try and anticipate all the expenses that come with your new bundle of joy. The gear. The clothes.

One of those major expenses is diapers. And lots of them! I swear it seems like I am buying diapers every time I run to the store. It adds up! 

After having two children, you find ways to start saving on diapers. You clip the coupons. And you try out the store brands. After 5+ years of having children in diapers, I have learned that not only do store brand diapers work just as well the major brands but they are so much lower in cost. 

Recently, we tried Well Beginnings diapers available at Walgreens. I am game for trying anything that will save me a few dollars each week. When trying out new diapers, there are three things that I look for: comfort, leackage protection, and finally, price. 

1. Comfort. After all, they are wearing the diapers all day long, you want your children to be comfortable. If a diaper feels stiff, I skip right by it. Well Beginnings diapers have cottony soft outer cover and hypoallergenic extra soft inner liner with natural botanicals, vitamin E and aloe. They also have a soft stretchable waist & side panels wrap your baby in comfort. 

2. Leakage protection. I need something to keep up with my active baby and also protect him at night. Well Beginnings have excellent leakage protection for both day and night. 

3. Price. When a diaper passes test one and two, price is the next factor. Well Beginnings totally fits the budget!

Well Beginnings Diapers pass my new diaper test! 

And to be totally honest with you - I WOULD have taken a picture of my baby in them - but as I was out of town for work - I returned to my husband using them ALL!  

I guess they came in pretty handy for him! lol 

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Well Beginnings.


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Just Between Friends Kansas City #JBFKC

Amber from JBF Lee's SummitWhy, hello friends!

Long time no chat!  lol

I have so many things to catch up on over here...but instead of going from the beginning to today - let's back up to the last thing I did!

I was in NYC this past week for Toy Fair and on Tuesday I flew out to Kansas City to hang out with Kansas City bloggers at the fabulous Just Between Friends Consignment sale at Lee's Summit, Missouri.  Amber at JBF Lee's Summit & Tami from JBF Overland Park invited me out to work with them and can I tell you what amazing women they are?

So, let's put the Toy Fair on hold and share the greatness of Just Between Friends.  This is a national company and I have worked with the ladies with the Philly region franchises for the past couple years.  

They are the BEST consignment sale I've ever been to!  I LOVE everything about it!

I did a segment with the Fox 4 station in Kansas City.  Don't mind that they totally spelled my name wrong. Call me Joey Fortman - Joey me whatever you want. lol 

Top Tips when shopping consignment with

Just Between Friends Kansas City:

(Special thanks to Rebecca from A Beautiful Ruckus & Enza from Enza's Bargains!)