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Toys for your special girls & boys!


Holiday Gift Guide: Lincoln Logs

Today, we are talking about one of our favorite Classic Toys! Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by John Llyod Wright, son of architect Frank Llyod Wright. Lincoln Logs have stood the test of time due to their simplicity in nature and giving children endless possibilities in play!

Lincoln Logs® Redfield Ranch

Build a home on the range!  Lincoln Logs® Redfield Ranch™ includes 124 real wood logs, plus colorful figures and other building accessories.  Step-by-step instructions for building a ranch complete with a horse and cowboy figure are included.  Parts come in a newly designed and collectible storage container, so clean-up is quick and easy. 

Suggested retail price is $39.99.
Ages 3+. 
Available exclusively at Toys “R” Us.




Holiday Gift Guide: SmartMax

We are continuing sharing our favorites from our upcoming Holiday Gift Guide! Today, we are sharing some great Imaginative Play gifts from SmartMax!


SMARTMAX® allows kids to explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a safe way.

SmartMax Lighthouse

With SmartMax Lighthouse, children can effortlessly create houses, towers, and other bright structures thanks to easy to manipulate magnetic balls and multi-colored bars, two of which are lit with LED lights. 

Approximate Price: $59.99




SmartMax Pip & Pete Plane

The new pull back vehicle set, SmartMax Pip & Pete Plane features Pip, a compact car, and Pete, the yellow place. All SmartMax vehicle sets allow children ages 3 and up to build various vehicles and work with the SmartMax construction sets. 

Approximate Price: $22.99



SmartMax Tommy Train

SmartMax Tommy Train, a train with hopper cars, can stretch up to 35 cm in length and is perfect for transporting loads of magnetic bars or balls included in the packagining, or even small items found around the house. Tommy Train is perfect to share with friends because children ages three and up can easily create two seperate vehicles. All SmartMax vehicle sets complement and work with the SmartMax constrution sets. 

Approximate Price: $22.99


LeapFrog App Toys

LeapFrog App Toys


Another household name in our house, for sure. 


LeapFrog is a brand that just stands the test of time.  They are in homes all over the world and known for their amazing quality.

In my house, we call everything LeapFrog.

Maybe because we have EVERYTHING LeapFrog! ha. 

From the LeapPad to the LeapReader. 

To two new AWESOME products!

First off, the Creativity Camera Protective Case is fabulous!  My son LOVES to take shots with my iPhone.  And to be honest...sometimes it drives me NUTSO.  He snaps and snaps and snaps!  With this camera - he can snap AND he can create!  (When I skim through my camera roll I smile at how creative he gets with this product.  It's not just 25 same pics.  Kids got an eye!)

We're kicking off the holiday season EARLY in our house.  So I share with you my dudes artwork. haha  He's a funny kid!  He also loves to play augmented reality with the camera.  And yes.  You might want to buy your kid his own device as I often lose my phone with this toy!


Another really fun product out just in time for the holiday season is the Learn to Write with Mr. Pencil Stylus and Writing App.  

I would not be honest with you if I didn't tell you that I've used this PERSONALLY about 20 times so far. hahaha I LOVE how it writes!  My notes are fabulous with them.  

Boston has an issue with how hard he writes and what's great about this pencil is that it is sooo soft.  I'm not worried about him scratching up the iPad.  There are more than 85 different activities to enjoy with this app and stylus. 

We haven't even made it through half of that yet!  




Holiday Gift Guide: Jenga Tetris + #Giveaway!

The Real Mom Media elves have been hard at working finding the best toys and gifts for the 2013 Holiday Season. We will be unveiling our official 2013 Holiday Gift Guide soon but to give you a sneak peek at what's inside we will be posting some of our favorites each day!

To kick off our guide preview, we have a fun giveaway for you! Have a family game night with Jenga Tetris!


Jenga Tetris 


What do you get when you combine two of the world’s best-known stacking games? The answer is JENGA TETRIS®. It’s sure to be a party as players push, pull and stack the iconic TETRIS shapes into a JENGA tower like you’ve never seen before! Keep the game going for as long as you can by competing to build the tower to the greatest height possible!

Age: 8+
Players: 2 or more
Approximate Retail Price: $14.99

Want to have your own family game night? Enter to win Jenga Tetris!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: We were provided product for our review. All opinion are our own.





Planet Orbeez Adventure Park 

If you are new to the world of Orbeez, let me give you a little break down on what they are. Orbeez are small pellets that you put into water {for at least 4 hours}. As they soak in the water, they grow into bouncy balls. 

Orbeez have been taken a step further with the introduction of the Planet Orbeez Adventure Park.

planet orbeez, ali's adventure park orbeez

Endless exploration awaits at the Planet Orbeez Adventure Park. Join Ali, her pet unicorn, Clio, and all of their friends as they pass through the Orbeez balloon entrance into a fun-filled Orbeez experience. They dive into the Orbeez swimming pool, sun themselves on the upper deck, float around the Orbeez lazy river and snack at the food court. Orbeez cascade from a Globe down the spiral slide into a pool where they are picked up and carried in the Ferris Wheel.

So much to do, so much to explore, so many Orbeez!


VTech Switch & Go Dinos

Having two boys in the house means I have seen my fair share of cars, animals, action figures, things that change from one thing to the other. We've seen A LOT! So when I was asked to check out the new VTech Swith & Go Dinos, I knew we were up for the task!

We have gone threw many toys that transform from a vehicle to a car or animal and let me tell you those things can be hard. I have given up on so many! But, the VTech Jagger the T-Rex transformed from a construction truck to a powerful dinosaur in a few simple steps. I knew if I could do it, my son would not get frustrated trying to do it on his own.

But Jagger doesn't stop there! With voice recognition technology, this mighty toy dinosaur is yours to command! This electronic toy fuses two of boys’ favorite things—dinosaurs and vehicles—into one awesome play experience your child will love!

There are 2 modes in which you can play with Jagger: truck mode and dinosaur mode. 

Play in truck mode with an awesome rotatable toy crane, a mini-transforming bulldozer, a voice-activated launcher-fired drill bit and realistic crane sound effects.

Switch to dinosaur mode to see Jagger's animated dinosaur eyes and his powerful stomping feet. Jagger even recognizes and responds to 24 specific voice commands. Say “Roar with me,” and hear him roar with his voice-activated motorized jaw. Sound effect buttons emit realistic dinosaur sounds and phrases that teach pre-historically awesome dinosaur facts! 

You can pick up VTech Switch & Go Dinos at VTech or Amazon!


Bejeweled Frenzy Game

Who doesn't like a round of Bejeweled when stuck at their desk? The online game where you try to match gems in a row causing the row to collapse. It's so addicting! Now you can take the favorite computer game from the desktop to the game table!

Bejeweled Frenzy Game

It’s the card version of the addictive online Bejeweled game! Collapse matching cards and collect gems, and earn bonus points with Boost Gems! When the cards run out, count up points for each card stack and Boost Gem. Whoever has the highest score is the Bejeweled Frenzy winner!

Ages: 8+

Approx. Price: $14.99

Add Bejewled Frenzy to your next family game night! The game is super easy to play. Just like the online version, you match 3 gems, collapse the matches, and collect your gems! Earn points by stacking and collapsing gems patterns. Highest score wins!

There are small pieces so you will want to watch them around smaller children. 




The Real Bratz Movement

The famous toy line created by MGA Entertainment is back with all new, redesigned Bratz Dolls! The dolls got a two-inch taller dolls upgrade and are sporting updated clothes and accessories while maintaing their distinctive almond-shaped eyes, colorful fashions, and cutting-edge style.  Along wiht the new dolls, Bratz is inviting fans to join its national advocacy campaign for girls. 

The Real Bratz Movement is seeking to find girls and young women who are making differences in their communities. Girls and women across the country are encouraged to think big and reach far by their Bratz dolls. 

Want to get involved with Real Bratz Girls empowerment campaign? Create a video that features your own Real Bratz success story. Once completed, videos should be submitted to Visit for more details and to watch video stories from other Real Bratz Girls. 




Unplug on Earth Day with Wooden Games

With Earth Day fast approaching, we are all thinking about ways  to minimize our environmental impact. One way to reduce our waste is to opt for durable and eco-friendly plaything that don't require energy. This is also a great way to help raise a generation of environmentally-conscious individuals.
This Earth Day, Blue Orange Games is encouraging families to turn off the TV, power down devices, and bring everyone together to make their own electricity--FUN! Their collection of sustainably made wooden games has something for everyone.

Keekee the Rocking Monkey - New!

Ages 3+ 
Keekee the Monkey is ready for his big act: juggling balls while balancing on a giant banana! How many balls can Keekee juggle? Players choose the right ball and place it in the right place on this friendly little monkey. Place the last ball on Keekee without any falling to win! The look on kids’ faces as Keekee sways to and fro is priceless. This all wooden game develops dexterity and teaches the principles of weight and balance.

Gobblet - Dr. Toy Best Green Product

Ages 7+
Gobble up, line up, and win! As easy as Tic-Tac-Toe, Gobblet can be learned in a few seconds and is fun to play again and again. Elegantly designed and sustainably made, Gobblet self-stores all the playing pieces and looks attractive on display. With irresistible, fast-moving play and astonishingly simple rules, Gobblet is a fun strategy game for the whole family. Over 1 million sold and a Blue Orange classic!

Fastrack - Dr. Toy Best Green Product!

Ages 5+ 
Fastrack is a high speed disc-flinging game powered by your finger! Use the elastic band to fire all of the discs through the tiny slot to the other side of the track. It's easier said than done! Aim carefully but don't delay or you’ll be bombarded by your opponent’s zooming discs. Ride the fine line between fast speed and accuracy to win! This all wooden tabletop game is sustainably made.

Zimbbos - New Design!

Ages 3+ 
An all wooden stacking game that teaches colors and counting, Zimbbos is the perfect first game for little ones. Players take turns rolling the die to find out how many elephants to stack on to the pyramid, following numerical order. Roll a star to add a balancing bar or circus character. The player to place the 10th elephant on the pyramid without it tumbling down wins! Children develop dexterity and balance awareness while exploring their creativity with Zimbbos.


Gotta catch them all, right? There are some great new Pokemon toys on the shelves for your little fan.

Reshiram Vinyl Figure

Behold! Rare and powerful Legendary Pokémon have arrived as deluxe vinyl figures! Catch each of these five brand new figures, featuring Legendary Pokémon featured in Pokémon Black Version 2 and Pokémon White Version 2 video games. Each 6-7” figure features articulation, vivid color, and all the details that bring each legend to life.

Price: $14.99

Pokemon Catch 'N Return Poke Ball

Catching Pokemon requires skill and training. Put your Pokemon character on the stand, pull back the Poke Ball, aim, and release! If you're at the top of your game, you'll catch your Pokemon and the Poke Ball will come right back to you. Each pack contains one, 2 inch PVC figure with accurate coloration and fine detail. Track the height, weight, and type of your Pokemon character with two included Pokedex ID Tags. The Poke Ball pops open with the push of a button, holds one Pokemon character, and has wheels with a reverse button that can be activated for catching Pokemon. 

Price: $13.99

Pokemon Small Figure 2-pack: Tepig vs. Pansage

Get ready for battle! Nine epic challenges await featuring characters from Pokemon Black Version 2 and Pokemon White Version 2 that have not previously been available at this size scale before. Each pack contains two, 2" PVC figures with accurate coloration and fine detail. Track the height, weight, and type of your Pokemon character with two included Pokedex ID Tags. 

Price: $7.99