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Small Gift Ideas

Great stocking stuffers or other random gift ideas!

Anyway-there are some awesome 'learning' gifts for stocking stuffers!

Be sure to check out Marbles, The Brain Store to get your brain on!

Do you have any of these?  



Body Image.

((I can't do these wordless Wednesday posts without words!! hahaha)

Ok. So I'm going out on a limb here.  And getting rather personal with you.  Body Image.  And ME.

It's not pretty.  Obviously.  Anyone with an 'Operation Skinny Butt' section has some serious self esteem and body image issues, ya know?

I don't know.

I stop and think about it far back as my childhood.  And yet....I tried to say 'NAWWWW. I JUST became psycho with food."

That's a lie.  FOR SURE.

I broke my rule of 'no longer than 3 minutes' for a video.

That shows you how I feel about this.

Share your story with Liz & Christine.    Join in, please.  Open up your heart and face your body image fears. 


Getting Gorgeous in NYC with Degree

I swear-when I get a ton of great video...I fight with myself during editing!!!  I know that 12 minutes is wayyyyyy too long. ha.

So, I was able to knock it down a bit.  (And you'll notice I had to speed it up a lot to get the goods in. hahaha)

What a wonderful time I had this past Saturday in NYC.  I love that city.  And I've only been there a handful of times!  This time was even better.  Cause Chevy gave us fab cars to drive!  Not only that-they gave us a gift card to cover tolls, parking, etc. 

THEY GET IT.  I can't say the same about the other car brands, that's for sure!

I love how 'mom friendly' they are. 

Check out our time in NYC.  Thanks again Vera & Audrey!


DotGirl Products

Love this.  And super fun.  Strange?  Weird?  Yet, I'm not really sure. hahahahaha

Meet DotGirl.


CBS The Talk

I'm so excited about this!  What a GREAT week I've had!!!

On Monday, I got to interview the Rockettes in NYC and today Boston and I are going to be on The Talk! 

It's a newer talk show on CBS.  It's on 2p ET and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

There are so many reasons why.  The best part about it - The hosts are REAL.  And that is so hard to find nowadays!!  I don't want to be ugly but I stopped watching The View because I couldn't stand their bickering...and the fact they focus only on celebs and guests. 

But on The Talk - they have the guests...and celebs...but they TALK about things that REAL people have to deal with !!  Marissa is my fave.  She always has her son on and she does segments on different things about parenting.  She's not a stick figure and she's a real person.  She'd be a total blast to have a playdate with!!

 'LIKE' Them on Facebook and FOLLOW them on Twitter!

Ok... I'l be sure to DVR it and share it here.  I swear!  Boston has been on more tv in his short 2 1/2 yrs than I have in a lifetime! =)



Hey!  Here's the 3 seconds we were on.  What fun that was!